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Versatile applications
Premium Zinc-Free Industrial Hydraulic Fluid for very wide temperature range
Shell Tellus S3 V hydraulic fluids are high performance lubricants that use exclusive ashless technology, coupled
with highly shear stable viscosity modifiers. They give excellent viscosity control and protection under severe
mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses across a wide range of temperatures. They provide outstanding protection and performance in most mobile equipment and other applications subjected to a wide range of ambient or operating temperatures.
Performance, Features & Benefits
The excellent filterability is maintained even when the fluid is contaminated with water, with negligible production of the silts or gels that can block fine system filters.

Long fluid life – maintenance saving
Shell Tellus S3 V fluids offer an improved capability to
extend fluid maintenance intervals and hence reduce
equipment downtime through:
Shell Tellus S3 V fluids meet at the Shell plant filling lines the requirements of max ISO 4406 21/19/16 class. As
recognized by DIN 51524 specification, the oil is exposed to various influences with transport and storage that could effect the cleanliness level.

An extended ASTM D943 TOST lifetime, with an oxidative stability that is designed for a minimum 5000 hours TOST
These features contribute to extended filter life and allow the use of finer filtration for added equipment protection.

Excellent resistance to breakdown in the presence of water and heat;
Class leading shear stability to maintain viscosity control.
Main Applications

These features provide extended maintenance capability without compromising protection or performance, even
under severe or extended temperature range applications.

Outstanding wear protection

Mobile/exterior hydraulic applications
Hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems in exposed environments which are subjected to wide variations in
temperature. The very high viscosity index of Shell Tellus S3 V helps deliver responsive performance from cold start conditions to full load, severe duty operation.
Advanced ashless (zinc-free) anti-wear additives provide protection over a wide range of conditions, including low
and severe duty, and high-load operations.
The very high viscosity index (VI) of Shell Tellus S3 V fluids, in combination with outstanding shear stability,
help to ensure that critical oil film thicknesses are maintained in the highly stressed components of the
hydraulic system. Protection is maintained even under high temperature and high load conditions.

Precision hydraulic systems
Precision hydraulic systems require good control of fluid viscosity over the operating cycle and excellent fluid
filterability, even when contaminated. Shell Tellus S3 V provides these features and an additional level of
temperature-viscosity stability compared to many ISO HV fluids.
Maintaining system efficiency
Superior cleanliness and outstanding filterability, excellent water separation, air release and anti-foam characteristics, all help to maintain or enhance hydraulic system efficiency.

Environmental impact

ISO 11158 (HV fluids)

DIN 51524-3 (HVLP oils)
Shell Tellus S3 V uses ashless anti-wear technology and low sulphur base oils.

ASTM 6158 (HV mineral oils)
SS 15 54 34 AV (ISO VG 46 and 68)
SS 15 54 34 AM (ISO VG 32).

For further reductions in environmental impact we offer the Shell Naturelle range of environmentally considerate

For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical
For the most severe operating conditions, longest fluid life and enhanced efficiency, Shell Tellus S4 ME offers our
highest level of performance and system efficiency.
Compatibility & Miscibility

Fluid Compatibility
Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

Denison Hydraulics (HF-0, HF-1 and HF-2)
Eaton Vickers (Brochure 694)

Shell Tellus S3 V fluids are compatible with most other mineral oil based hydraulic fluids. However, mineral oil
hydraulic fluids should not be mixed with other fluid types (e.g. environmentally acceptable or fire-resistant fluids).

Fives Cincinnati P-70
Bosch Rexroth RD 90220-01 (2011), ISO 32-68

Seal & Paint Compatibility
Shell Tellus S3 V fluids are compatible with seal materials and paints normally specified for use with mineral oils.

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