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Designed to combine form and function to take it all on. Don’t hold back with the KitchenAid 6.6L mixer from the #1 MIXER BRAND IN THE WORLD(1). You can create all day, every day with this large capacity, powerful stand mixer. Knead pizza dough, mix cake batter, whisk up meringues, even pull pork, effortlessly, with up to 1.5x more power in the bowl than our tilt-head stand mixer*. *compared to model 5KSM150 when measuring peak HP in the bowl
The mixer that combines power, size and beauty
This Artisan bowl-lift KitchenAid 6.6L is a mighty stand mixer. It combines our most powerful motor (6), the largest bowl capacity, and professional bowl-lift design, plus our unmistakable classic curves and iconic design.

It’s ready to handle kneading the toughest dough, easily mixing dense ingredients and making light work of bigger batches. Built to tackle anything you can throw at it, the 6.6 L stainless steel bowl mixes up to an impressive 13 dozen cookies (2), or 10 dozen cupcakes (4) or 14 pizzas (5) in a single batch. The high efficiency and quiet motor brings the necessary power to mix heavy cake batters, whip large quantities of cream or knead dense doughs.
Bowl-lift style for when the going gets tough
People who often work with large quantities of food tend to go for a bowl-lift style, where the head stays locked into place. A bowl-lift mixer is perfect for creating big batches as it’s even more powerful and sturdy.

How does it work? The lever smoothly lowers and raises the mixing bowl into position and the bowl attaches at 3 secure lock points for maximum stability. You’ll find the bowl’s ergonomic handle makes it easy to position and lift off, even when full.

Tip: Remember your kitchen space. A bowl-lift mixer is a little higher than a tilt-head. Check the comparison table below for the height.
Planetary action from delicate to fast, thorough mixing
KitchenAid mixers were one of the first home stand mixer to feature ‘planetary action’, which means the head of the mixer rotates in one direction, while the attachment rotates in the other, giving a much more thorough mix. The beater spirals to more than 60 touchpoints around the bowl, so everything you throw in will be fully mixed.

This Artisan model has the flexible 11 slide-control speeds, giving you precise control and variation of speed, with our slowest fold speed (a speed half the speed of stir) is designed to take over folding tasks normally done by hand. Fold speed is gentle enough to protect delicate ingredients and keep air in batter.

The bowl lift also features Soft Start a slow ramp-up to minimize mess, via gentle acceleration to chosen speed.

Whether you’re mixing, whipping or kneading, just select your accessory, choose your speed, and you’re off.

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