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GARDENA 18233-26 Hose Repairer 19 mm (3/4″)

GARDENA 18233-26 Hose Repairer 19 mm (3/4″)


4,58  VAT excluded

If your garden hose has a small hole or leak, you don’t have to throw it out: With the GARDENA Hose Repairer you can mend the damaged hose quickly and easily. Cut out the damaged part of the hose, insert the GARDENA Hose Repairer, tighten with the union nuts and the hose is ready to use again. Thanks to the specially shaped union nuts with Power Grip, the Hose Repairer can be fitted effortlessly. In addition, it provides a particularly high hose pressure. This practical connector is made of high-quality materials and is frost-proof. No need to worry about frost and snow damage.

EAN-Code: 4078500012102

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